About Us


Protourer Garage is an artisan workshop buidling unique and genuine, award-winning protourer vehicles.

Having management members and consultants with more than two decades  of racing background with proven track record of successes including two European Champion titles and around the same time spent in automotive journalism, we know what we are talking about when it comes to performance, execution quality, vehicle asthetics and state of the art contemporary features.

Still, we believe that the amazing world of protourers should not be limited to petroldheads only, as we are. We are convinced that the fact that somebody does not have the skills, knowledge or means to build his own protourer does not mean that he can not be the part of the special community of protourer owners.

Protourers are for anybody who appreciates uniqueness, who is bespelled by the raw elegance of the classic muscle cars, and who is thrilled by performance. We are building our vehicles for them.

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Our services

We are building uniqe, genunie protourer vehicles on our own agenda that are eligible for purchase.

We are specialised in Corvette protourers, but you will find a 1978 Chevrolet Camaro and a 1998 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 as well among the vehicles builts by us. No vehicle compilation we are building twice, therefore you can be sure if you purchase one of them, your car will be literally unique.

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We are building tailor-made, individualised protourers on our Customer’s demand.

You have a preferred model, or a vision how you would like your vehicle to look and perform like? Share it with us, and we will build your very own, personalised, individualised protourer for you.

We are organising money can’t buy VIP  protourer events.

You don’t have the means to purchase your own protourer, or you are not sure yet what exaclty you would like to have? Contact us and we will organise your VIP protourer event, a real once in a lifetime expereince, where you will have the chance to drive multiple protourers on an iconic racetrack.

In case you purchase one of our protourers or you order one to be built for you by us, we ensure you the opportunity to try it for the first time at Hungaroring, one of the oldest F1 race tracks still in use, where you will definately have to opportunity to discover your protourer’s capabilities under the toughest circumstances.

Our Philosophy


Show me your car and I can tell who you are.

Having visited innumerable motor and tuning shows in the last two decades in 3 continents, we have seen countless purpose built vehicles, and in quite a few times we were really impressed, but even in those cases we found ourselves thinking about how could those cars be even better, even more perfect.

Urged by this insatiable quest for perfection we came to the decision, that we have to set up our own artisan workshop and build protourers on our own with our team of highly qualified and skilled expert mechanics.

While doing so, we accept no compromise in terms of:

  • quality of parts, materials and mounting
  • craftmanship and vehicle finish
  • vehicle performance
  • attention to details
  • contemporary features

This is the journey we invite you to join us in case you decide to purchase a protourer crafted by Protourer Garage.

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