Owning a modern, luxurious contemporary villa at a good location is definitely a sign that you are well-off. Does it make you special, though? Not really, probably, and unique, definitely not. Owning a splendid, classical castle would be another question however, wouldn’t it? The same is true for modern performance vehicles versus protourers or old timers.

 Most of the modern performance vehicles are definitely appealing, in terms of aesthetics, design, craftsmanship, technologies and driving experience alike, and they play a significant role in establishing our expectations from a luxury vehicle. On the other hand, driving one we can feel anything, but unique: even if there are not too many pieces sold of a specific type, we can be sure of running into the same vehicle, maybe with a different color combination. What’s more, the initially ravishing, bold lines lack the timeless beauty of the classical pieces and tend to be less exciting, even boring within a couple of years, just like when you visit your friends or stay in luxury hotels around the world, and you see the same style or trends of interior design everywhere.

Classical, timeless lines tend to attract more attention and rewarding glances: you see more heads turning after an old timer rolling into a parking lot than after a modern sports car, while people post more photos on Instagram about picturesque castles than about modern villas.

Taking photos of a castle is one thing however, and living in one is another: visiting a beautiful, authentically restored old castle can be a stunning experience, and it is a great adventure to see how nobility once lived, but would you want to actually live in one every day if it would mean you have to lack the basic comfort amenities that you are used to, such as hot water, central heating, electricity, etc.? Probably not. This is why you see old timer owners driving their vehicles only every now and then: they are nice to look at, but not so fun to drive. Still, old timers will always have their headstrong fans, as castles without comfort features do.

For the rest of us, who do not only appreciate the classical forms but actually love driving, and prefer to have our peace of mind and not to worry about possible (and is case of an old timer highly probable) breakdowns, there are the protourers: the equivalents of your carefully refurbished luxury castle, with not only the basic amenities, but with swimming pool, sauna, hot tub and you name it.

Owning a protourer one can not only be sure of having a completely unique vehicle, but also don’t have to lack the power, reliability and driving pleasure offered by a contemporary sports vehicle, not to talk about listening to his favorite tunes by synchronizing his iPhone via Bluetooth with the car’s audio communications system.

What further adds to the fun is that you can leave everything to the professionals and let the engineers are designers their work to provide you with a ready to run vehicle, like you could commission architects and interior designers with the renovation and furnishing of your castle, but you can also opt to take part in the process, and have the vehicle tailor made according to your own ideas, again like you could do it with your castle…

Well, enough said, care to drive a protourer at last?

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